Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Scented Bookmark Crochet Pattern

This bookmark is crocheted with a lavender-scented cotton yarn (which smells delightful!). You can crochet the bookmark all in one color or add a different color edging.

Small amount 100% cotton Peaches&Creme Scents worsted weight yarn in Lavender Sachet
Optional: For a different color edging, you'll need a small amount of 100% cotton Peaches&Creme worsted weight yarn in White
Size H crochet hook

Size: 7 1/2" long

Row 1: With Lavender, ch 24, dc in 4th ch from hk and in each ch across (22 dc), if continuing with Lavender, sc around post of top dc (working across the top of bookmark)...if working edging with White, fo Lavender and join White with sc around post of top dc (working across the top of bookmark).

Edging Rnd: Ch 1, (sc, ch 1) twice more around top dc post, sc in unworked beg ch loop of 1st dc on opposite side, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in each unworked beg ch loop along side to last dc, (sc, ch 1) 3 times around top of last dc, sc in 1st dc on opposite side, ch 1, (sc, ch 1) in each dc along side, join w sl st in beg sc, fo.

Weave in ends. Enjoy!

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