Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Yarn Cross Crochet Pattern

Small amount worsted weight yarn
Size H crochet hook

Size: 5 1/2" long x 4" wide

Rnd 1: Ch 5, join w sl st in 1st ch to form ring, ch 3, 2 dc in ring, (ch 3, 3 dc in ring) 3 times, ch 3, join w sl st in top of beg ch 3, fo (12 dc plus 4 ch 3 sp).

Top of Cross
Hold piece so that a ch 3 sp is on top, join yarn w sl st in that ch 3 sp, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp, fo.

Bottom of Cross
Turn work upside down and join yarn w sl st in opposite sp of the point you just worked the top in, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same ch 3 sp, fo. *Join yarn w sl st in last ch 3 sp made, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp, fo, rep from * once more.

Sides of Cross: Join yarn w sl st in ch 3 sp at either side of cross, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp, fo. Rep for opposite side.

Weave in ends. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, Cheri.

    I love your cross! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern for free. I have made hundreds of them (usually using different colors of cotton yarn and a G hook), adding a tassel to the top to make a bookmark.

    Many of the cross bookmarks I made for fellow cancer patients in my oncologist's and radiation oncologist's offices. Others were for thank you gifts to people for all their prayers for me (having had cancer twice now). Others were for birthday gifts sent with a homemade card. Some, I have done with 2-3 strands of worsted weight yarn, using a very large hook (P or Q), and added a chain hanger to the top to make it a wall hanging. One of these wall hangings I hope will hang in a Pastor's new home that my son helped build in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Another, I hope will hang in a friend's home who has an elder care facility in her home.

    I have been able to make so many so quickly because I have simplified the pattern so that the cross can be done all in one piece, so that just the beginning and ending yarns must be woven in.

    This is how I do that: Each time you get to the second group of double crochets for the cross top and sides, for the last double crochet stitch, do this instead: just chain three and slip stitch to the top of the previous row, and then slip stitch across to get to the next section.

    When you do the long base of the cross, **crochet the first two groups of three dc's with the ch 3 space in between, then *turn the cross around and slip stitch across the top of the first group, skip the chain 3 space altogether, then slip stitch into first dc of second group, ch 1 to begin the next level of clusters. Turn cross, so front is facing you (this will twist that 1st ch stitch a bit, but it will be OK), and begin chain 2 and chain 3 of first stitch (all 3 ch's will act as first dc of group); then complete 2 more dc, ch 3, 3 dc* and repeat from * twice to complete long base of cross.

    Another thing that I have done is made the center a different color sometimes (though it does require more weaving in of ends). When you do this, you must fasten off first color after making the center. Then, attach the second color in one of the chain three spaces. Go around the cross, making the right side, top, and left side as usual with second color. Then, to make sure second color goes completely around center section, slip stitch across the remaining part of previous row. Then slip stitch up the cluster you began with, up the chain 3 (which makes the first dc)and across the tops of the other two dc's. This will form a four-sided "square", if you will. Then, begin the process of making the long base following the instructions above**.

    Thanks, again, Cherie! Know that you are pointing many people to Christ with your pattern. May God bless you!


  2. Thanks for simplifying the pattern, Ann. One can't ask for a higher compliment than reaching people for Christ. Enjoy! :)

    1. I want to also thank you for sharing your modifications to the cross pattern. I am part of a prayer shawl ministry and I think we can use this, too. Bless you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I have have adapted it similarly to how the first commenter mentioned, to eliminate the need to cut at various points. I have made dozens since first finding this, and pinned it so I wouldn't lose it. I have given away many as thank-you's or in get well cards and notes. Oh, and I've made quite a few with cotton worsted yarn, and wove a chenille stem through them, up and down, to make wonderful wall-crosses. So many ways to use them; so many folks to share with.
    Here's a link to one of the wall-crosses in my Etsy shop.
    I hope you don't mind me putting some in my shop...if it's all right with you, I'd love to put many more, in various sizes, yarn/thread weights, etc., and include a link to your free pattern, to give you credit for the design...

  4. Just found your site - thank you so much for sharing this cross pattern! What a great idea for small gifts...

  5. I can't make either version work. The original makes no sense, am I supposed to cut the yarn and start again on the next section? The revised one works ok until I get to the long end, and I can't make that work at all.

    1. Hi Mary;
      Yes, you are to cut the yarn after each section. Each time it says "fo" it means to finish off. There will be a lot of tails to work in but it should work.
      In the revised one, to do the long arm of the cross, crochet the first two sets of 3 double crochets with the chain 3 between them. This looks like the corner of a granny square. Turn the cross over and do one slip stitch into the top of each of the first three double crochets. This will bring you to the middle of what looks like a corner of a granny square. Skip the chain three altogether (completely). Slip stitch into the first double crochet of the next three double crochet set. (the first of the three that finishes off the "corner")
      Chain three and flip the cross over.
      This chain 3 will act as the first of the 3 double crochets. Chain 3. Do three more double crochets. Once again it should look like the corner of a granny square. Continue this way until the base of the cross is long enough to suit you.
      Mary, I really hope that this has helped you to get this cross completed.
      Good luck.
      Vicki Henderson

    2. Hi Mary; This chain 3 will act as the first of the 3 double crochets. I forgot to tell you to do two more to complete the set. Then chain 3.
      Do three more double crochets. I am sorry if I confused you.

  6. I wanted to chime in and thank you for a great pattern. I use this cross for so many things, and just change it up by the weight yarn I use. I have done it in thread and used it as an applique on canvas, used RHSS and used it as a bookmark and applique on hats, scarves, etc. and done it in bulky as something to put on my desk to remind me of the sacrifice made for me. Thank you for such a versatile pattern, and for offering it for free!

  7. love this pattern. Thank you so much.